11 Little Tricks How To Make Laminate Floors Shine Naturally.

how to make laminate floors shine naturally

How to make laminate floors shine naturally and keep them looking good for years to come? Although the laminate floors look almost as great as the hardwood floors, that doesn’t mean you should scrub them the same way you do. The best way to clean laminate floors is not the same method that you would use to make them shiny. Laminate floors need special care because, in the event of stains or damage, the surface cannot be quickly refinished, unlike hardwood. It is necessary to avoid costly repairs, to maintain the floors, and to manage them properly. If you have new laminate floors or only want your old surface to look as perfect as the day it was placed, here’s how to clean laminate floors like a professional.

1.Read the directions for cleaning your laminate flooring.

Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your floors before you start cleaning. The company may have different guidelines, depending on the materials used. Many companies on their websites have comprehensive user manuals and guidance on how to clean the laminate flooring.

2.Don’t use abrasive tools.

Laminate floors will scrape, so stay away from anything abrasive, such as steel wool. You need to use a soft-bristle broom or dust mop to clean up the dirt. When you’re vacuuming, be sure not to use device that scrapes the floor without a bumper bar or a spinning brush.

3.Don’t overuse water.

Traditional mopping is not a number of laminate floors, as water can sink into the seams and cause damage (such as swelling or bubbling of the floor). Water pools can also cause stains or fades.

4.Right at home, you should make your own floor cleaner.

Just add a tablespoon of dry, unscented dish soap with a gallon of hot water, for daily washing. One more option? If your floor has formed a small film or waxy layer on it (which develops over time through misuse of cleaning products). A gallon of boiling water and a cup of white vinegar can also be added. A natural purifying agent, vinegar breaks the film down without damaging the texture of the laminate. (Note: All these DIY techniques are subject to the same water laws. Make sure that the mop is only slightly moist and never let any water pool on the floor.

5.Shield off future surface damage.

Put the furniture pads Beneath the tables and chair legs, especially if they move frequently, to stop scratching. In addition, floor mats and rugs,  especially door entrances contribute to the prevention of wear and tear.

6.Trim your pet’s nails.

Keep your pet’s nails trimmed! Your cat or dog’s nails will scratch your laminate floor. Keeping the pet’s nails cut will avoid damage to the floor as they walk around.

7.Don’t allow the stains to remain on the floor.

Tackle spills as it happens. Quickly wiping out spills is the safest way to prevent stains. Liquids can cause damage to laminate floors, which makes it important to reduce their exposure.

8.Mop your laminate floor (carefully) every two months.

┬áMop it every two months to keep your laminate floors fresh. Damp mops are soft enough to be used on laminate floors (microfiber mops). If you use a standard mop, just wring it out until it’s almost dry.

9.Do not use cleaning products that are not labeled as laminate products.

 Oil-based cleaning products leave stains and residues or affect the protective coating of the floor. Do this sparingly when using a laminate cleaner and apply it to a mop or microfibre cloth instead of directly to the surface. Never use wax

10.Fill your laminate-cleaning arsenal with household products.

The correct cleaning techniques are right at hand with rough stains such as candle wax or ink. Attach a plastic ice bag to the chewing gum and candle wax and cut until it has melted with a plastic knife, scraper, or credit card. Tackle with rubbing alcohol, chalk, marker, nail polish and crayon.

11.Put down a welcome mat.

Outside dirt not only contaminates your floor, but it can also damage the floor. For example, the biggest enemy of a floor covered with dirt under jute may be your piece of flooring, as it may cause it to deepen, leak, and even scratch. Close the dirt on the tracks with a welcome mat that gives visitors a chance to improve their shoes.

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