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We know the sleeping for heavy people should be comfortable. If the bed is not comfortable for fat persons then they can feel back pain and they cannot get a comfortable sleep. So we have enlisted 5 best air mattresses for heavy person that has high weight capacity to hold.

In this review of an air mattress for fat people we analyze that the bed should hold heavyweight and provide comfortable sleep.

Best Air Mattress For Heavy Weight

1.Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Series Ultra Check PriceComfort Elevated Airbed


  • Dimensions are 80 x 60 x 22 inches
  • It has a weight capacity of 600 lbs or 272Kg
  • Inflation time is round about 4.5 min
  • Built with 16 gauge thickness
  • Built with Fiber-TechTm Technology
  • Best air mattress for heavy people

The ultra-comfort airbed is a must-have for any home, with its luxurious velvety top and sides, a revolutionary network of soft air pockets, a super-comfortable internal electric pump, and a patented Intex fiber technology feature.

You don’t even need to buy new sheets, the standard size of the queen means you can use the sheets you already own. Plus, the 22-inch high bed will make it a little easier to get up in the morning.

The interior architecture of Fiber-TechTm provides excellent stability and outstanding durability.

A comfortable dual-air pillow top device offers a smooth sleeping surface to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Double-layer construction helps you to tuck bed sheets in regular sizes conveniently and safely.

For added convenience, the powerful internal pump can easily inflate and deflate the airbed within minutes


  • It has an additional puncture and tears resistance
  • It has a hand carry bag for traveling
  • It can quickly inflate and deflate the airbed


  • 1-Year limited manufacturer’s warranty

2.Air Mattress Queen Size


  • Dimensions are 80 x 60 x 19 inches
  • Made with laminated vinyl
  • Built-in pump makes it easy to inflate in minutes
  • It has a weight capacity of 600 lbs or 272Kg
  • Included carrying bag
  • Best air mattress for heavy person

This bed is made of laminated vinyl and is much stronger than the usual air beds and does not stretch. Included is a trendy bed sheet and skirt washable to make guests feel right at home.

It provides a crucial layer between you and the bed. This will help you feel much warmer and sleep much better.

The built-in pump makes it easy to set up in minutes, and the included carrying bag makes it easy to store and travel. So many positive reviews that let us know how it helped injure their backs.

We also suggested that clients put a simple pillow topper on top, “making it the world’s most comfortable bed.You can put more than 600 lbs. laminated vinyl avoids stretching too far in the air bed.


  • Takes care of your back
  • Prevents stretching
  • Quickly inflate and deflate with built-in pump


  • On the concrete floor, it remains a little cold in winter

3.Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed


  • Dimensions are 80 x 60 x 22 inches
  • weight capacity is 600 lbs or 272Kg
  • Pillow air system for sleeping comfort
  • Valvate sides for more abrasion and puncture-resistant
  • Best air mattress for heavy person

The airbeds of the Dura-Beam series are the only mattresses available with Intex’s patented Fiber-Tech Interior Design. For extra comfort, the sleeping surface is protected by soft flocking and the indented sides prevent the sheets from slipping.

Standard interior design for stunning durability and comfort with lightweight, high-strength fibers has been developed! Thousands of polyester fibers make up each support beam in the Fiber-Tech construction, providing additional stability and support for the entire bed.


  • Incredible Strength
  • Luxurious Comfort
  • Superior Stability
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Decreased Weight


  •  loses air pretty quickly

04. Air Mattress Raised Inflatable Bed with Fitted Sheet and Bed


  • Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 18 inches
  • Weight capacity is 400 lbs or 182Kg
  • Made by Laminated vinyl

If you were tossing and turning all night, your sleep might be disturbed, and you might even wake up with joint pain. Sleep institutions insist that your mattress is the reason that most of us are tossing and turning all night.

 It is critical to keep your mattress firm enough to support the spine and hips to prevent tossing and turning. At the end of the day, the Best Choice bed provides a strong alternative in an air mattress.

It can reach a medium level of firmness that is both comfortable and supportive. This can be done by wrapped (laminated) vinyl, which prevents stretching.

One year warranty included in it


  • It has a stylish bed skirt
  • Prevents hip and back.


  • 1 year limited warranty

05.SereneLife Serene Life Built-in ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity


  • Dimensions are 14 x 6.5 x 19 inches
  • Weight Capacity 375 lbs or 170Kg
  • Height: 18′
  • High Output Pump
  • Best air mattress for fat people

This mattress comes with a pump that has a very quiet pump operation, which automatically inflates the bed when the air pressure drops below the low-pressure level.

The inflatable bed is equipped with an integrated high-performance air mattress that can easily slide and deflate the airbed at your desired strength. It also has a storage cord pocket to keep the room clean and tidy.

It is a durable air mattress with a twin-shaped air bed to create a soft, fuzzy, inflated sleeping surface of high quality to enhance comfort. But keeping the sheets in place helps. Comfortable camping or space for visitors.

The High Inflatable Electric Air Mattress Serene Life Premium is 18 inches from the floor, making it easy to out of bed. Suitable for adults and children. It comes with patch repair kits and bags


  • Quick And Easy To Inflate.
  • It is made of sturdy PVC that provides a comfortable high-quality flocked sleeping surface


  • Limited one year warranty

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